And it hurts with every heartbeat

How good is this song, seriously? I re-discovered it yesterday thanks to Spotify (so much love for Spotify!) and the last two minutes when she keeps repeating “and it hurts with every heartbeat” I echoed her – over and over – the whole damn day…both yesterday and today. Yes, I’ve been an annoying colleague to have. But not for much longer. I’ll get over this song tomorrow.

Last week I went to a salon to restock on Aveda products (their curl line is the only thing that my hair semi-listens to) and the lady who rung me up suggested I straighten my hair “so it would be more manageable”. I’ve heard that so many times I couldn’t even be arsed to respond with words. I just smiled and let her finish her spiel. Boring people always want you to be boring like them.

Speaking of boring, can someone tell me what the hell is up with the ‘painted on eyebrows’ trend? Suddenly everyone is walking around with these really dark, bloody rectangles above their eyes! They’re not just filling them in with eyebrow pencil! I swear the brows on these women are painted on! And not even freehand so they have a chance to look somewhat natural! No, there must be rectangle stencils that people are putting over their eyebrows and colouring in using a paintbrush! Is it supposed to look good cuz it ain’t! Don’t you feel stupid having to wipe off your eyebrows at the end of the day? Cuz I would! Stop it!!!


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