Summertime and the livin’s easy

This morning it hit me, that when my colleague said “foresight” she really meant to say “oversight”. And because she used it in a question and my answer was in the affirmative, like a fool I replied, “Yes, it was a foresight.” Gahhh. This happened two weeks ago, by the way. It took me two weeks to finally realise my blunder. What the hell, man. She makes mistakes like that all the time but it’s forgivable because she’s Belgian, i.e. not a native English speaker. Me, I have no excuse. Yeah, I’m not exactly a native English speaker either, but I’m me. Ugh. So I’m nursing a shame hangover right now that is probably going to last a few days. I hate making mistakes when it comes to the English language. I’m not perfect but I want to be, dammit.

Last Friday, 22nd July marked one year since I left ex-job. Absolutely mental how fast time flies. It’s hard to believe all the drama and madness leading up to my resignation was more than a year ago. 85% of the people who worked there with me have since either left the company, or were made to leave. The company isn’t doing very well and news of a flailing business and high employee turnover have made a number of local tech magazines. My ex-colleague and friend, SK – who was fired a few months ago – and I, are revelling in the schadenfreude like the jerks that we are. This time one year ago I was deep in FOMO lurking on ex-colleagues’ FBs and wishing I were there. Ha! So glad I left when I left.

So Vietnam happened in late May, followed closely by Barcelona and London. I should probably talk about it before I forget the stories. I’m sure I’ve already forgotten some. This weekend, I shall make an attempt. It would be tragic to forget the little details of my travels. I will say this right now though –

I had previously visited Europe in all the seasons except for summer. My logic was why should I feel hot in Europe when I can feel hot for free in my own country? But you guys, I discovered that not having to faff around with four layers of clothing and jacket and scarf and boots is SO liberating.

It was so warm in Barcelona I didn’t take out my emergency jacket even once. It was so nice walking around in the warm sunshine and feeling NOT cold. It was so nice that the sun stayed out for so long that your day just stretches and stretches and you can get so much done. Unlike in the autumn or winter when the sun is gone by 4 or 5pm and so is your energy, all of a sudden! And not to mention you now have to worry about it being pitch black when it’s only bloody 6pm and you’re not even hungry for dinner yet. Ireland, I’m looking at you!

I totally understand now why you Northern Hemisphere folks love to travel in the summer. I feel cheated now thinking about the rainy, six hours of sunlight March day that I had in Venice; by the shiver in my spine in Paris, Rome, Sicily… I stand corrected and I solemnly swear that my next vacation in Europe, God-willing, is going to be next summer!


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