Whether with or without you

I leave for Ireland tomorrow night (or later today, since it’s past 1am now) and I spent most of today packing and unpacking and packing again – the whole time gripped by anxiety.

I’ll admit it. Despite the many, many flights I’ve taken, I am still a nervous flier. It’s the length of the journey. Thirteen hours is way too long to be up in the air, okay?

I’m just praying for sleep. I can usually sleep for nine to ten hours on a 13-hour flight and I’m hoping this flight will be no different. My seat is at the very back so hopefully I’ll be immune to crying babies. With any luck my seatmate is the non-snorey type too.

Besides the flight, I am also anxious about the time I’ll be over there instead of here. I don’t doubt that this trip, this sabbatical, will be nothing but good for me. I mean, I can’t even imagine how this trip will change me for the better. It’s just that…I’m actually doing it. I’m taking the leap. I know I’ll be fine but I can’t help but be a little nervous for me…


9 thoughts on “Whether with or without you

  1. I am so happy for you! I hope you will have a great time there.. I hope you will get what you were looking for. Take Care and Looking forward to reading about your new adventure.

  2. Dearest Sha, its been a while, but I’ve been keeping up to date and felt like I had to comment! It sounds like you’re on the cusp of yet another (longer, greater) adventure. I’m so inspired by your bravery to do this stint abroad even in the face of : travel fears, family …and well, life. Have the safest and most non eventful sleep filled trip ever, and I look forward (as usual) to reading about your next chapter in life!

    1. Meals! Didn’t think you still read my blog! I am in Ireland now and all is well and I have seen beautiful things and there are still many beautiful things I haven’t seen and I am happy! I don’t mean to toot my own horn but on the plane to Ireland I did really think to myself that I am quite brave to be doing this even though it scares me. Actually I’m like that a lot. I challenge myself to overcome my fears a lot! And I think I’m quite proud of myself…haha.

    1. Hey! I don’t think this post is worthy of being reposted anywhere but if you want to, you have my blessings. Go for it!

      To answer your question, it’s going great! The work is easy and the place is gorgeous! I need to update my blog soon. Haha.

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