Idealism sits in prison

11th Ramadan

I’m back.


Though I haven’t really been gone. have I? I’ve popped my head in here and there.

…but mostly to write something really cryptic and post a music video alongside it. Which isn’t really blogging.

I’ve missed writing my trip recaps. I stopped after Bulgaria/Greece/Italy last year and never picked it up again. Since then I’ve gone on a few other trips – Indonesia, Japan, and a few weeks ago I got back from the most fabulous trip to the UK. And even though I’m under no obligation to talk about them, I feel bad that they are not talked about, and that the photos I took are hidden in my hard drive rather than shared with the 3.3 actual readers that I have. 🙂

So this is a vow to myself, the Universe, and the 3.3 readers – I will strive to get those posts out. On a weekly basis perhaps? Pretty sure I still wouldn’t be done by the time my next trip comes along (Vietnam in August) but at least I’d be trying, right?

This bit right here is a personal update. There’s been an upheaval in these parts lately. I’m not ready to talk about it, but it is very real and very scary. It happened, is happening, and will happen. I am happy about one part of it and beyond devastated about the rest of it. But c’est la vie and until I’m ready, this is all I’ll say about it.

It is Ramadan day 11 and all is going well.


10 thoughts on “Idealism sits in prison

  1. I’m still reading too! And happy Ramadan! I did a little extra research on Ramadan this year for a library display sign I had to make and kudos to you. It sounds really emotionally taxing, to not eat during the day. (I’m someone who gets very grumpy when I’m hungry. I’d be terrible to be around if I celebrated Ramadan.) But it also sounds like a really awesome spiritual challenge — to purify your mind of all your usual vices.

    I could probably stand to do even a little bit of Ramadan style cleansing. Like I could swear and complain less and, though I’m usually very nice, I could refrain from being so snarky sometimes.

    I love hearing about your trips. I’m always so jealous when people have something exciting to write about because my life seems so dull in comparison. I wake up, shower, go to work, do something yoga, finish homework and sleep, essentially.

    And when you’re a ready to talk about the upheaval (or if you’re ready to talk), your loyal 3.3 readers will be here for you. (Upheavals stress me out, even little ones.)

    1. Yes, Ramadan isn’t just about abstaining from food and drink. It’s more of a mental challenge than anything else, which is harder than a physical one at times. I was doing so good in the beginning not swearing and stuff, but people (especially my evil spawn of Satan boss) have made me SO angry lately. My colleagues made fun of me for saying so many “fuck’s” in one sentence the other day. Oops!

      How cool that your library kinda made a mention of Ramadan? I’m super curious as to why. Are there a lot of Muslims in your area?

      I just posted about the food scene in London. Check it out! And believe me, my daily life is just as mundane. That’s why I travel so much – to have a bit of excitement now and then!

      Thanks for letting me know that. Still not ready, though it will have to come out one day. Let’s see 🙂

      1. Our library is trying to be a diverse place. We do have a Muslim population in the city and I think it’s growing nicely.

        In general, Americans are kind of clueless about Islam. We were hoping the library staff would take the opportunity to create a display featuring books on the topic.

        Ironically, the library that requested the sign was near where I live… Where people are extra prejudiced (which actually means “scared”) about Muslims. It was refreshing that they wanted to shed light on another beautiful religion.

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