What do you do when you want to teach someone a lesson by cutting off all contact with them but you also know that cutting off contact with them might actually kill you?

What’s more important – that they learn to live without you or that you never have to learn to live without them?


7 thoughts on “QUESTION:

      1. Honestly, I give people more chances than they should. In some cases, it reaches a breaking point where I know I can’t put more of myself into the relationship. I’ve taken a step back, but have rarely cut people off entirely.

        People rarely change. If you can live with their flaws, you stay in their lives. If it leads only to heartache, cut ties.

        I nearly lost my relationship with my sister trying to “teach her” and I’m so glad I gave up.

        But I recently “cut ties” with one of my exes (my first boyfriend) and my life hasn’t been significantly affected.

        It’s really hard to give advice on this sort of thing because each case is so different, but the helpless feeling is the same.

      2. A belated thank you for sharing your experience, Christina. I seem to want no contact much more than I do, otherwise I would have contacted this person sooo long ago. I’m just gonna go with it. I’m gonna trust myself. As always the dust will settle and as always it will be okay.

  1. I’ve been there too. It sucked so much. But now? I look back and it’s like peeking into someone else’s life. I don’t feel anything for that person anymore. If you really feel like cutting off contact is the best, it will be extremely painful. But I promise you will be okay. It may take awhile though. It did for me ❤

    1. It is SO hard. I’ve had to stop myself from contacting this person countless times. I don’t know if this is the best thing, really. But I seem to be doing it? I’m hoping for the best.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Jenny.

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