Think now’s the time to let it slide

I listened to this non-stop on the way to work, non-stop at work, non-stop on the way home, and non-stop since I got home. At some point this week (probably Thursday) I will get sick of it, so sick I can’t listen to it again for another month, and I’m scared of a future without James Bay all day, every day.

This week has been so stressful it’s probably going to give me a few more grey hairs than I already get once in a while (yeah…fml). And it’s only Tuesday! Why must payroll be so damn complicated?! When we finally get our finance person, he or she will take over payroll and I’ll be relieved but I’m sure the control freak/busybody in me will miss knowing exactly how much each person is getting too. Ungh.

Two cousins of mine got married in the last two weekends. I have Feelings about that. Major Feelings. Espesh about the first one. She is my favourite cousin and my mother’s favourite child that wasn’t hers. In her early teens, she proudly declared that she would take my mother away from me and ask my mother to live with her when she grew up. She and my ma were tight. Poor baby was devastated when mum died and she still can’t talk about mum without crying. Anyway, Feelings. I’ll talk about that some other time. Maybe. I always lie when I say that.

So there was that high-profile death that happened recently in this old wee country o’ mine. I don’t want to write his name because I don’t want my blog appearing in searches of his name. Although there are a gazillion articles of him out there that my blog would probably be relegated to, like, the 5847th page, or something. But whatever. So that happened, and it’s weird. He has always been an omnipresence and to have him be forever dead is just…huh. And that sums up my overall sentiment about his death: huh. I’m very eloquent, I know.

I bought plane tickets for my next two overseas trips on the same day recently. I sound like a douche. I’m sorry. Going to the UK in May and then Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, in August. I had already bought my UK ticket when the government announced that we get a special extra day of public holiday in August due to the 50th anniversary of our independence. So I promptly purchased my Vietnam ticket. Was going to do it much later but if I didn’t do it then ticket prices will increase. Thank you, government. And no, I refuse to stay here during that precious 4-day weekend.

I didn’t like England too much when I was there last three years ago, but Hozier aka second only to Rachael Yamagata in terms of being my favourite, is performing in Glasgow on 27 May. Dude will not be coming here anytime soon, I know that for a fact, but I love him now and I can’t wait, plus I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland anyway? So why not make it a proper two-week holiday? Give London another go, and add Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye to the list, too? Why not, indeed. God-willing, I will get there in less than two months.

My colleague SK is coming with me on this trip. It’s cray. I’ve never travelled with a colleague in my life. But we’re thick as thieves and I’m 99.99% certain that we’ll get along just fine. We make each other laugh all the time. We call each other all the time too – after work and on weekends. It’s hilarious. He’s gay, so there’s no funny business going on here. Still I’m sure a scandal will break out when the office finds out we’re travelling together. That’ll be funny.


2 thoughts on “Think now’s the time to let it slide

  1. HI!

    I just plucked a gray eyebrow hair yesterday. I’m trying to convince myself it was a fluke. My hair is still brown, but I am all about dye jobs if I go prematurely gray like my dad did. (I WILL NOT HAVE GRAY HAIR IN MY 30s!)

    I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the Hozier CD I borrowed yet. The single they keep playing on the radio is the best, though. I’m still not sick of it and we’ve been listening to it for months in the US. (The radio stations play the same 10 songs on repeat all day, every day it seems.)

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