“Emilie, it will get stormy”

Yes, this is me, TFC, actually with a new post. 😛

I need to share this new singer I just got to know. It’s important.

The last time I downloaded an album based on one song was Hozier, back in November. Since then I’ve been looking for another song to stupefy me as ‘Take Me To Church’ did. Today…today I found it.

Behold, Emilie Nicolas from Norway, with this gem of a track, ‘Grown Up’, about her relationship with her father. Although if you listen to the lyrics they are relatable to anyone you might no longer need in your life. (I have a person in mind…)

This, too, is climbing up the charts of my heart. I love the part where she refers to herself as “my sweet Emilie”.

So anyway, yes, I made it back from Japan, evidently. The heavy turbulence both to and fro really had me doubting my safety for a while though. Gah. And I’m still not totally out of the woods yet. I’m still fighting the flu bug that I caught in Japan, three weeks on. I’m not threatening to hack up a lung anymore but there are still pieces of my cough left. If I’m still coughing on Friday the doctor wants me to do an x-ray to check for bronchitis. Nooooooo…!

Despite being sick most of my trip though I still really enjoyed Japan. Within a few hours of landing I was telling everyone I knew – ‘I understand now why so many people love Japan so much.’ I only met one rude person throughout the entire trip. Everyone else, from shopkeepers to security guards to random passersby I would ask for directions from or “What’s in this onigiri?” were so forthcoming and patient and just wonderful. Even with their limited English they would do their best to help.

And the food…oh, the food. I need to restart my trip recaps if only to longingly gaze at pictures of the food I ate. Put it this way: I don’t think I can eat sushi, sashimi or tempura outside of Japan ever again. Even the JPY120 onigiri from Lawson did not disappoint. Japan does food right, let me tell you, and one day soon I will find the time to prove it.

Until then, I’m off to relish in the brilliance of Emilie Nicolas. xxx


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