Chocolate Waffles

For years I waffled on getting a waffle maker (see what I did there?). Reason being, a waffle maker is a unitasker. I didn’t need more clutter in my kitchen. The desire to own one would come and go and I always managed to suppress it. That is, until a few weeks ago, when I found myself suddenly thinking about owning a waffle maker, and I continued thinking about it like it was my job. I started googling and I found a cheap one that’s more than a waffle maker. It’s also a panini press and a sandwich maker. A panini press! How could I not?!

So now I am the proud owner of a waffle maker/panini press/sandwich maker. I have yet to try the panini press and sandwich maker bits, but the waffle maker has been used twice and it’s pretty solid. I only wish it would beep at me when the waffles are cooked instead of the light simply turning green. I’m busy in the kitchen, you know. I can’t always be watching it. But I digress.

Let’s talk about waffles. What kind do you like? And more importantly, how do you eat your waffles? (Real!) maple syrup and butter is the way I go.

Sadly though, today’s waffles did not get to bathe in maple syrup. I’d run out and so had the supermarket. Luckily these chocolate waffles are good enough on their own!

Chocolate Waffles

The recipe comes from Gale Gand’s Brunch, kindly shared by Will It Waffle. I like that they are not overly sweet. You know I’m not a fan of sugary stuff. The centres are so fluffy thanks to the egg whites that are whipped stiff.

The rogue non-chocolate waffle is from last week’s batter using a recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. The recipe also calls for a separation of the eggs and super stiff egg whites. Waffles with crispy edges and fluffy centres? What more could you ask from a waffle? This is a recipe to use forever and ever, amen!

I love my waffle maker.

Edit: At jennanolten‘s request, here is a pic of my magic machine!



5 thoughts on “Chocolate Waffles

  1. Hahaha this is the first post that I am reading of you and I am already loving your blog. You have such a funny writing style ^^ I am a sinner, I think I eat waffles once a year or so. I must be really missing out on something, because I hear so many people talking about waffles! I wish you would have showed the ‘machine’, I am really wondering now what kind of a magic machine could make all those things?!

  2. Hahaha you are awesome! Quite a briliant thing there. Now I can sleep in peace without spending my days wondering about ‘the magic machine’. I don’t know why really, I must do something about it.. hm to be continued 😛

  3. Those are perfect looking waffles! Make me want to get one myself haha. I’ve always wanted to get one but I am not sure how often I’ll be using them. Maybe just twice a year..

    Anyway I like my waffles with chocate syrup or peanut butter yummy!

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