A still life drawing of a peach

I’m back from my trip to Toraja, Indonesia. It was fascinating. I’ll write about it some other time. I need to recap the Greece and Italy parts of my Euro trip too. So many trips to write about! Woe is me! But hey, now that I’ve done Asia solo (ish, because I got me a private guide and driver) I feel more confident about going on more solo trips around Asia. Yes!

Tomorrow I start my new job. Today was my last day of funemployment. That’s right, funemployment. What? I wasn’t employed up till just before my holiday? Nope. I left OldJob two and a half months ago, a month before NewJob was confirmed. I didn’t write about it but it happened. 🙂 Too bad Ramadan fell right smack in the middle of those months or believe me, I would have gone on a loooooong trip somewhere.

I’m equal parts excited about my new venture and dreading it. Bound to be healthier working for a larger organisation with proper regulations – not bullshit people make up along the way. And I’m looking forward to having female colleagues after two years of being the only female. I didn’t know I missed having other women in the office until I didn’t have any. Getting used to the New Zealand accent (and a variety of Southeast Asian and South American accents) should be fun too. And not to mention getting paid. My bank account misses having money in it! I will miss waking up at 10am every day and watching tv all day though. *sniff* Oh, it’s so fun not having to wake up early and brave the crowds on the MRT!

Aside: I started watching Friends from the very first episode not long after leaving OldJob and quite aptly, I saw the very last episode today. When it was on I would only watch it sporadically as I was in school and it played on tv pretty late here. I was too young to get all the jokes anyway. Someone asked me recently who my favourite Friends character is. It’s taken me a while to come up with an answer but I’d have to say it’s Ross, with Chandler coming in a close second. Everything those two do is comical to me. What a great series.

I did most of my pre-work prep before my trip so I was quite free today. That was the intention. I wanted to chill today. Would you believe I’ve got three weeks’ worth of work outfits ironed? And overnight oats (frozen) for the whole of next week? And a few days’ worth of lunch (also frozen)? And various vegetables, cut and boiled, waiting to be tossed into salads? I’m proud of myself. It was nice to be able to relax on my last day of freedom instead of frantically ironing and cooking.

Apart from starting my new job next week, I am also hosting an online friend on his trip to Singapore. I’ve known Dylan for something like eight years? Since the good ol’ Vox days. But never met in the flesh. And in a few days he will be sleeping in the next room. We’ve only been talking about it since January, no big deal. YES, BIG DEAL! Next week is going to be epic!

I close this post with a song I’m going through a second round of mega obsession with. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


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