Can’t nothing bring me down, my level’s too high

5th Ramadan

1. Today I signed the contract for my new job at a New Zealand-owned tech company.

2. I’ve reached a plateau here and needed a change…is the short answer.

3. The long answer is long and I have spent too much time thinking and talking about it and I choose not to anymore. What I will say though is that by leaving, I followed the footsteps of two people before me and two more will come after me. Five leavers this year says something about how this once-fantastic place is no longer fantastic, does it not?

4. The job scope is not too far off from OldJob but with a lot more responsibility and ample room to learn and grow and develop – something that is very much missing here.

5. The salary is AMAZING. The benefits package is AMAZING.

6. I will start in late August.

7. Sometime before that, I will go to Tana Toraja, Indonesia, for a short vacation. It has been my dream destination for so long and I’m thrilled to finally be able to cross it off my bucket list.

8. I’m happy.


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