Day 8: Catania, Sicily

7 Nov 2013

We have been in Catania since two days ago and today we did the highlight of eastern Sicily – we climbed Mt Etna. Now, let me tell you two things:

1) I did not think it would be that hard

2) I did not think I was that unfit

I was wrong on both accounts. Terribly, dead wrong. Within 20 minutes of going uphill I was winded. One hour later, about one fifth into the trek, with my sinuses about to explode from the altitude change, I was pwned. Climbing Etna, you guys, is no joke. I was not expecting a stroll in the park, of course. I knew it needed me to…move a lot more than I usually move. I just didn’t realise it would be that much, you know? My friend NT was either worse than me or better than me at times, but we both slowed the group down. Not cool. Not not embarrassing. Aka, super embarrassing. Eep.

But! We never gave up. (Kinda impossible to once you’re on it though.) We went on and on and on and oooonnnn and eventually, at somewhere past 1pm, two hours after we started, we reached the highest point possible (2,000+ metres) to see the north-east crater of Mt Etna. That particular crater actually erupted a few times along the way and also while we were at the vantage point, but thankfully there was no lava or we would have had to run. Walking was bad enough. Running would have killed me. Still it was pretty surreal being that close to such beauty and danger and I am so proud of myself for having climbed Etna successfully.

Mt Etna


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