Somebody said you got a new friend

First things first…

Three years after this song was released, I’ve finally heard it. (Leave me alone – I only started listening to ‘new’ songs one year ago.) And in terms of pressing play, I can’t stop/won’t stop. Hi, Robyn. I like you.

The Kings of Leon cover is really good too. And I don’t even like Kings of Leon. When I told that to PB, he asked, “How come?” And I said, “Two words: American rock.” Hehe. I’m just taking the piss though. You’re alright, American rock. You’re alright.

Right. So. This was a pretty productive weekend? It began with me downloading a bunch of songs. When I say “a bunch”, I mean “68”. Because I feel the need to for some reason, I shall list the names of the band/singer that are now gracing my mp3 player with their presence:

– Robyn (duh)

– Editors

– Lorde

– Bastille

– Explosions In The Sky

– Gary Jules

– Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

– Schuyler Fisk

– Paloma Faith

– Josh Kumra

– Heartless Bastards

– Of Monsters And Men

– Matthew Perryman Jones

– Seeker Lover Keeper

– Sia

I know it doesn’t look like I have a “type”, because it looks like I listen to a wide range of music genres. But really, my first loves are indie and folk. All of the melancholy, contemplative shit. GIMME. I’m just more open to listening to non-sad people now, too.

I was going to talk about the other productive thing I did this weekend but it would be long and I don’t have time. It’s 11 and I want to sleep. So, tomorrow. Or soon, at least. I promise it’s good.


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