Pasta con le sarde e broccoli


Or in English, pasta with sardines and broccoli.

I had no idea you could make pasta with sardines. I was looking for some other recipe the other day and this was suggested to me. I was intrigued and naturally, couldn’t wait to try it. I’m an adventurous foodie and love trying out new dishes. Pasta con le sarde is considered the national dish of Sicily, albeit made with fresh sardines.

I was inspired by this recipe, but I skipped the breadcrumbs and rocket, and added steamed broccoli. Because broccoli is delicious. It’s also chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants. And also really delicious.

I used tinned sardines in chilli oil. I figured it would help flavour the dish and theoretically add spice. But of course, being Southeast Asian, it wasn’t hot enough for me and I had to add more chilli. A Sicilian probably couldn’t eat my Malay version of pasta con le sarde. 😉

Really quick and easy to make, and felt very light in my tummy.  I don’t know how many calories there are…I don’t really count my calories but I imagine there’s not a lot.

This is definitely going in my work lunch rotation. I love it when accidentally discovered recipes turn out great!


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