Io sono qui

Sooo, I didn’t mean to be a stranger! But I guess that happened…oops! What’s been up with me? I’ve just been living life, really. Been saying “yes” more than my usual “no”, which saw me going out a lot and out late too, leaving me with no time or energy to write. Or even bake! It’s been yonks since I last switched on my oven. Mad world!

Things that have happened since my last post that are worth mentioning:

– Other director NB’s son PB came here for eight weeks for an internship. At 21 he’s a kid, but his personality is much like DS’s, so we became fast friends. We got along so well people thought there was something romantic going on between us. Haha. He returned to London last Sunday. I miss him dearly.

– Tom Odell held a showcase here and PB and I attended it together. He was great live. We got a group photo taken with him and afterwards, I shook his hand and my opening line to him was: “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.” He laughed, and it was a proper laugh. I made Tom Odell laugh!


– One weekend in September I went up to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with PB, to go paragliding. He wanted to squeeze in a trip to KL while he was here and I wanted to go paragliding in KL. It made sense to go together. I got a fantastic deal from a guy on Couchsurfing as he’s one of the instructors at the place.

We also couchsurfed with a really nice family. PB had never heard of CS before and was totally amazed that people would let strangers stay in their house for free. I was all like, “You have so much to learn, my young Padawan.”

The night before paragliding we visited the Petronas Twin Towers. The last time I went there it was in 2003…with my parents. Yes, mother included. Weird concept. We goofed around and had a lot of fun.

DSC02867PB with a cool hologram.

DSC02899.2Kuala Lumpur from 86 floors up.


The next day…PARAGLIDING! We were slightly nervous but mostly excited!

DSC02952Fly site.

DSC02989You guys, that is totally me!

Floating in the air is awesome. I want to do it again!

– I restarted studying Italian (for a reason I will expatiate on later). But with a new teacher as the old teacher wants to concentrate on his PhD and not teach anymore. I found him through Couchsurfing. Just did a search for people who a) are native Italian speakers and b) live in Singapore. I shortlisted him and contacted him and we met up and we click and the rest is history. It’s his first time teaching but he’s very, very good. He does his homework beforehand; it’s evident. It’s been a little over a month now and I’ve made so much progress. Although don’t get me wrong – Italian is bloody hard. MM is also devastatingly handsome, which, because I’m weak, allows him to get away with a lot of shit. And I mean a LOT of shit. You would not believe the amount of shite I’ve let him get away with. That’s all I’m saying!


2 thoughts on “Io sono qui

  1. Italian is hard! Haha, I still haven’t learned it yet and I grew up with a mother as a native speaker. It’s such a pretty language though, and I think you will enjoy learning it. Paragliding looks like a blast. YOU ARE SO BRAVE, I would be way too wimpy to try that!

    1. I enjoy learning the vocabulary but not so much the verbs – so confusing as they change with masculine and feminine and singular and plural! Unfortunately the verbs make up a large part of the language so I have no choice but to master them.

      Paragliding is really…uneventful for an extreme sport. That’s because you actually can’t take off until the winds settle down. If you’re not afraid of heights you really should give it a try!

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