Sushi in a Bowl

I. Love. Sushi. I would eat so much of it all the time if it weren’t so frikkin expensive. So it’s probably a good thing that it’s so frikkin expensive.

I love all kinds, but I have two favourites and they are the simplest kinds. Inari sushi, which is a pouch of deep-fried tofu filled with sushi rice, and cucumber maki, which is Japanese cucumber wrapped in rice and seaweed. I could never get enough of them.


That picture was taken at a recent fulfillment of the mother of all sushi cravings, where I spent $48 on home delivery (minimum order for delivery being $40). I was happy as can be, stuffing sushi after sushi in my face. But I felt guilty for spending so much. I wondered if I could make sushi at home for much cheaper. Surely I could. But could I do it without the hassle of buying a sushi mat and rolling the dang thing? Could I…could I just dump it all in a bowl and start eating? I thought I was a genius for coming up with that idea.

Turns out, my idea wasn’t quite as original as I thought. Google led me to many a blog post talking about deconstructing sushi and putting it in a bowl. Eh. Inspirations galore! The recipe I used for the sushi dressing is from Foodie With Family. And I used brown rice too. The toppings I used were turkey sausage*, imitation crabmeat*, Japanese cucumber, capsicum, carrot, nori and sesame seeds.

Oishi! Tastes just like regular sushi but without the mess. So happy I don’t have to fork out so much money to satisfy my bi-monthly sushi cravings anymore. Yay!

Sushi in a Bowl

*I drastically cut down my consumption of processed meat last year but I think a little bit once in a blue, blue moon is okay.


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