Banoffee Pie

I first tried banoffee pie in Malta, exactly two months ago, incidentally, and my world was transformed.


No, it wasn’t. Just kidding. But I did discover yet another pie I like. Woo!

So of course I’ve been thinking about it like it’s my job, etc. I do that with a lot of food until I get to make it/eat it.

There are a lot of banoffee pie recipes out there but eventually I decided to go with one that was straightforward and called for simple ingredients, some of which I already had. I even had some (now hardened) previously melted chocolate! My favourite part is that there is no extra sugar added to the crumb mixture or the whipped cream. Heh. Big surprise, huh? The recipe is from Brooklyn Limestone.

I think that it’s a solid recipe and I almost followed all the steps. Until I saw that my cream (which I used only 1 cup and not 2 as in the recipe) was nearly completely whipped and I realised I forgot to put vanilla essence. So I did just that and what do you think happened? My cream instantly curdled to the point of no return. I guess the trick is to add it to the cream before whipping it? I had to throw it out. Luckily I bought two cartons of whipping cream. Let’s do this again! Screw vanilla essence this time. I let the stand mixer do the work and did the dishes and when I got back to it minutes later…curdled again. SHITE. Less so than before but it was definitely not nicely whipped. That’s what I get for not watching it. I wasn’t confident but still I had to try. You just never know. Four hours of chilling in the fridge later…


The water from the cream went everywhere. Gross! The bits below the cream tastes delicious, very reminiscent of my Maltese experience…but the cream almost tastes bitter? I think I’ll scrape it off. Yuck. If I’m eating 821 calories (apparently) it’d better taste good, amirite?


Pro tip: Don’t over whip the cream!


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