And it makes me feel so fine I can’t control my brain

Last night I dreamed that one of my little cousins said something funny and I laughed and I woke myself up from the laughing. It was kind of creepy as it was 4:30am – the hearing myself laugh at 4:30am bit, not the funny dream bit. That was cool.

My company is going for a buffet dinner tonight in a fancy hotel. For no reason, just for funs. I can’t wait to eat all the things.

Friday is a public holiday and I cannot stand the idea of staying in Singapore during the 3-day weekend so I’m going to Indonesia tomorrow night after work with my cousin. I’m heading for the airport right after work, meaning I have to take my enormous backpack on the morning train. I’m nervous about that. People are going to hate me for taking up extra space. Hehe.

We’re flying into Jakarta but our actual destination is some 10 hours away in Ujung Kulon National Park to try and spot the elusive Javan rhino, among other wild animals. Part of the tour includes canoeing on the river where pythons sleep coiled on tree branches above. And if they sense noise or any type of disturbance (talking, photo taking) they like to drop themselves into the water…only sometimes they end up in the canoe! I would cry if that were to happen. Haha. We’ll also be frolicking on the beach, which is usually pretty secluded as this area is still not touristy. But with it being a long weekend in Indonesia too, maybe there’ll be people around. I hope not though!

I’m looking forward to having lots and lots of fun in the sun! Woohoo!


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