Tegan and Sara, 13 May 2013

My first encounter with Tegan and Sara was through a blog I was an avid reader of. The blogger liked to note down the song she was listening to at the time of writing her posts. That was either in late 2004 or early 2005, and it was either ‘Walking With A Ghost’ or ‘Speak Slow’, but I know that one quickly followed the other. Not long after – and I remember actually thinking of it as a cool coincidence – I was watching Grey’s Anatomy when a song started playing that sounded a lot like Tegan and Sara…and it was. ‘Where Does the Good Go?’ convinced me to download the entire So Jealous album, which I thought was brilliant from start to finish. I remained obsessed with the album for a year.

And then one day Rachael Yamagata entered my life and I was like “Rachael, Rachael, Rachael” and nobody else henceforth. I remember when The Con came out. I heard ‘Back In Your Head’ and wasn’t moved. I immediately dismissed the album, not giving it even the faintest of chances. I thought it was over between Tegan and Sara and me. Truth be told, I didn’t even know that there was another album between The Con and their latest album, Heartthrob. Sainthood was released in 2009.

Having been out of the loop T&S-wise for years, I had no idea they were releasing Heartthrob until…yep, I saw it mentioned on a blog. Once more, I wasn’t moved by their first single, ‘Closer’. I carried on with my life.

Then I read that they were coming here for a concert. I was pleasantly surprised. I suppose their fanbase here is large enough now, huh? Memories of So Jealous circa 2005-2006 came flooding back. It was my dream in those years to watch them in concert. But they didn’t get played on the radio and no one else knew them. I figured my dream would never come true.

Well, let me tell you, sometimes dreams can come true after eight years. Even though I hadn’t listened to them in years, I knew I couldn’t miss their maiden concert here.

I downloaded Heartthrob and So Jealous to give myself a refresher…actually just one day before the concert because I was too lazy to do it any earlier. 50 minutes of back-to-back Tegan and Sara on the train was enough to excite me for the concert. I couldn’t believe I ever gave up on them!

1Waiting impatiently

They opened with a song off their new album called ‘Drove Me Wild’ – and all the way through the 2-hour concert, they sure did drive us wild! The girls were sooo charming and adorable and flawless. Goodness, they were in such top form. I know they’re twins and maybe it’s a twin thing, but man, their voices complement one another so well! They regaled us with a blend of old and new – 21 full songs plus 10 older songs as a medley. How do I know this? I recorded the whole dang concert. I know, right? I’m so lame/cool. P.S. The extra loud screaming? Me.

I was grinning so widely throughout this song/I sang my heart out when I could recall the words. Thank you, Grey’s Anatomy!

2Tegan on the left and Sara on the right

I regretted not getting into The Con. I felt out of place when the audience sang ‘Call It Off’ and it was my first time hearing it. *sniff* Gorgeous song that is my current earworm…four years after its release. Typical.

3Taken during ‘Call It Off’ – my favourite photo of them

They made a promise to come back in a year. Tegan and Sara, I’m already there.


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