Homemade Ritz Crackers

The other day, while he was munching on these biscuits at work, my colleague DS said to me, “Can you make me a biscuit* like this, but a giant one?”

*British English: biscuit. American English: crackers.

DS is my work best friend/I’m a good colleague. I said okay. Sometimes it is as easy as telling me what you want. 😉


I’m not going to sugarcoat it. These were a pain in the arse to make. Okay, no. Actually, making it is simple. But getting it right is a whole nother story.

The first sign of trouble came right after adding the 2/3 cups of water. My dough was suddenly soupy! I lost track of how much more flour I added to make it less watery. Maybe 1/4 cup? But even then it was still soft and rolling the dough out was a real challenge. I was loath to add more flour because I was afraid it might make my biscuits too hard.

I persevered, and goodness knows how, but I managed to get it thin enough and unstuck from my rolling pin in the end. But of course, rolling dough out by hand = uneven thickness. The first batch turned out with burnt corners where it was too thin but the centre part was of perfect thickness and was definitely reminiscent of Ritz. Oooooh! I brushed them with butter – which I browned, duh – and sprinkled salt on them. SO. GOOD.

I decided to make the second batch not giant-y and used a cookie cutter. That second batch was not rolled out thin enough, as you can see. So they came out a bit fluffy. I know, I know, they’re homemade. But I’m a perfectionist about these things and I’m a bit upset. Haha.

DS had better appreciate how much trouble I’d gone to in order to fulfill his request!

Recipe from Cupcake Project.


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