Italy and Malta 2013: Memoir #1: Up in the air

On my flight from Singapore to Paris, seemingly out of the blue, a flight attendant started showing me a lot of attention. At first I thought he was just being friendly, especially since I had replied to another flight attendant in French before and he had overheard the conversation. (P.S. I don’t actually speak French. He asked me if I was me and if I had ordered the vegetarian meal. For shits ‘n giggles, I responded with, “Oui, c’est moi.” And he was all, “Oh! Parlez-vous français?” And I was like, “No, I only know that bit.” Hahaha.) But then he kept smiling and touching my arm and asking me if I needed this or that, and it made me raise an eyebrow and go “hmm”.

After the dinner service, I went in the direction of the restroom…only to bump into him, of course. He started chatting me up, asking me if I were a Singaporean. When I confirmed this, he lamented not meeting me two days ago because otherwise he would have had a friend here instead of wandering around aimlessly with his colleagues. Oh yeah? He picked up a random piece of paper off the floor (actually the dinner menu) and wrote his email address on it. He asked me if I could decipher his hand writing. I couldn’t because it was dark. So I moved towards the light and that was when he conveniently put his arm around my waist. Hoo boy.

Afterwards, as I was dozing off, I opened my eyes halfway to pull the blanket further up my chest, and I saw him standing over me, trying to help me pull the blanket up. Oh jeez. This all would have been flattering if he wasn’t 50 FUCKING YEARS OLD! My life, I swear. He ignored me the rest of the flight though. But when we reached Paris, he bade me au revoir and made a typing gesture to remind me to email him. Ahaha! Not gonna happen, dude.

DSC00056I watched a French (duh) movie called Tanguy on the flight and this dialogue made me laugh. The movie itself isn’t great though. I didn’t even finish it.

DSC00065At Charles de Gaulle waiting for my flight to Bologna.

DSC00081On the way to Bologna the pilot told us who were seated on the left to look out the window – that’s the Swiss Alps!


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