How can I ever know why some stay, others go?

I barely slept last night, only five minutes maybe. I exaggerate, but it sure felt like that in the morning. Still I dragged myself to work, good employee that I am (ha!). I nodded off at my desk several times, until I finally decided that a nap would do me good. I wasn’t hungry, for some odd reason, so in lieu of eating during lunchtime, I hid away in the empty room with the sofa bed that my director AM sleeps on whenever he comes to Singapore. With the curtains drawn, the lights off, and my heavy eyelids, sleep came easy. I awoke 40 minutes later, feeling more refreshed than before and actually functional. Sleep is so restorative. Let’s just hope that the nap didn’t screw up tonight’s sleep.

Going west has always been easy on me. But going east never fails to bring on the jet lag. And what a stronza jet lag is! Stronza is Italian for “bitch”. I’m showing off now. Rome host #2 GB taught me that one. Hehe.

I came into the office today and discovered that the boys had changed radio stations while I was gone. We now listen to Lush 99.5FM, which apparently plays jazzy, indie, melancholic shit I like. Why didn’t I know about this before? I Shazam’d quite a number of songs, but this was the very first one. I really, really like it. It may just replace Malika Ayane’s ‘E se poi‘. Even though it’s about romantic love, I – in typical TFC style – have found a way to associate it with my recent travels and the people I met instead. More on that…in another post.


2 thoughts on “How can I ever know why some stay, others go?

    1. Regina Spektor’s songs can be very… “out there” and thus, hard to like. At least for me. But she does have some good ones. I’ll have to give “Eet” a listen! 🙂

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