I chased your love around a figure 8

1. People! *eyeroll*

You know how sometimes people are just capriciously and inexplicably CRAZY? One minute they’re fine and the next minute they’re breathing fire? And you’re sitting there with soot on your face going, “The fuck just happened?”

This is my life right now. My first instinct is to fight cray with cray. But because this person is a very dear friend I could not stand to lose, I am summoning my elusive patience and keeping calm until they are ready to rationalise their crazy.

God. I have no time for this shit.

2. The Holiday

My trip is but mere days away now. Friday! Evviva! I aimed to get a head start with packing this weekend and I did. Just a few more things here and there and I’m set.

I also found a host in Venice. Well, I did, and then I didn’t, and then I did again. One guy offered me his couch, and I accepted it, and then he came back to me days later saying his friend would be staying over on the same night so if I still wanted to stay with him, I would have to take the floor. Rude! So not cool of him to offer a couch to me and then give it to his friend instead! But such is the instability of Couchsurfing. It really doesn’t happen that often. But it can. Just as I was getting ready to book a room on Airbnb, a girl that I wrote to sometime ago finally replied, saying she could host me. Whoa, Universe. I accepted the offer, and we’ve got a plan, and it’s all good. With the exception of my last night in Rome (and Italy altogether), where I have a lovely room booked on Airbnb – as a treat to myself after one and a half weeks of slumming it – I will be Couchsurfing my way through Italy. Cool, no? Well, that is the plan anyway. You never know if someone is going to cancel last minute, do you? Fingers crossed!

3. Ellie Goulding

I was hating on Ellie Goulding for so long, because I found her wispy voice really annoying. I know that’s her thing, her supposed uniqueness, but it’s not for me. I actually said to my colleague DS, “Why do you like her? Is it because she’s English like you? That’s not even a proper voice.” He laughed. “Sometimes you say the most ridiculous things, TFC.”

It’s true. What kind of voice is that? But we listen to the bloody top 40 radio at work, and they play her at least five times in a work day…and slowly I began to like her sounds, improper voice and all. I still really don’t like her voice, but these songs are all right.


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