Nutella Mini Cakes


A cake made entirely of Nutella, sans flour. Who else would come up with a recipe like that if not Nigella?

I made this cake once before, as a whole cake. But this time around I was making it for my boss AB’s birthday. Taking a whole cake on the 8am train was totally out of the question, so I turned it into mini cakes instead. Liners + muffin tin = mini cakes!

miseenplaceNot enough countertop? No problem! That’s what the floor is for.

The original baking time is 40 minutes at 180C. These were done in 30 minutes. The classic toothpick insertion method is used to determine doneness.

PicMonkey Collage

Between rum, frangelico, and water, I chose water (of course).

I ground my own hazelnuts. Over here hazelnuts do not come ready-ground – only almonds do. But even if they did, I’d still choose to grind my own. I’m a snob like that. Heh. Toasting them in the pan first brings out their amazing flavour.


Good bosses get homemade Nutella Cake on their birthday. Simple as that.


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