And the walls that keep us in the world will come down

1. Jahiliyyah

“Relax,” he said to me. “Everything will be okay.” I bit my tongue and forced a smile. As soon as he left and the lift doors closed, I shook my head, clenched my fists, and spat out the words on my lips: “I’ve been waiting for years. Everything is not okay and it never will be.”

So tired of the blithe ignorance of the uninitiated. My mistake, really, for thinking someone would get it. No one gets it. The only one who gets it, the only one I can turn to, is not any human on this earth.

Song after song played on my mp3 player and none of them befitted my mood. But I let them be. I could not be bothered enough to move. Until…

Of course, of course. If there’s anyone to make me sit bolt upright and say the very thing I needed to hear, it’s Rachael.

2. Rachael Yamagata

Speaking of Rachael, her fifth jaunt here was last Saturday. That’s 5 out of 5 for attendance for me. Sadly though, it left me disappointed. She was the healthiest she has ever been in Singapore but did not give it her all like she always does. Amateurs would give that show a high rating with proclamations like –

“She’s so delightfully chatty and funny! ”

“Her vocals are amazing and her band is great!”

But I know better. She’s usually more talkative than that. And she can sing a hundred times better than that. And don’t even get me started on the weak setlist.

My love for her will never wane. I’ll still go to every future concert of hers. But let it be known that last week’s show was not her best.

What was probably the redeeming quality of the concert – a well-loved and oft-requested song never performed here before.

3. Humblebrag

I’m broke because I blew nearly all of my money on a new laptop and camera for my upcoming travels. That’s on top of the laptop for home use that I bought in January to replace my dead 3.5-year-old one.

4. La Camorra

My Italian teacher, after I told him of my itinerary in Italy that includes a trip to Naples, suggested I read Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano. “You’ll be too spooked to go,” he declared smugly. Having finished the book now, I proudly announce that he is wrong. I’m spooked all right. But as my Couchsurfing host assured me, there are safe and dangerous places in every city; I won’t be stupid enough to venture out into them and besides, he won’t let me! So there. I’m still going!

The Camorra is a Real Thing though. A Very Real Thing that is quite possibly the Realest of Real Things. Eep.

5. “Wise Men In Their Bad Hours”

I’ve since moved on to Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. Because I read no books at all in 2012 (…I know), my goal this year is to read more. I watched the movie last year. Didn’t like it one bit. Stirred no emotions within me. But the book? Oh, the book. I know what happens in the end, we all do. But the book is a whole nother matter. Had to hold back tears during my read the other morning on the MRT. Awkward! I’m more than halfway through the book already and I don’t want to finish it. It’s too good.


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