Don’t tell me it’s too late

This time last year, I was on the bus from Avignon on the way to Barcelona. I can’t believe it’s already been a year! I was only supposed to go to Barcelona the day after, but Avignon was too boring, plus I didn’t want to be around my Avignon host much longer ever since she yelled at me on the phone when I got lost trying to get to the train station where she was waiting for me. This was on my second day in Avignon; we were going to another town called Nimes. I held my tongue when I really wanted to scream, “Fuck you! I’m not from here, of course I’d get lost!” When you are squatting at people’s flats for free, you don’t get to yell at them, you see. But I made up my mind to leave a day early, and thankfully when I asked AX, my Barcelona host, if it would be okay, he said it was. So I bought the 2:30pm bus ticket to Barcelona on 7 March. (Bus instead of train because it was cheaper. Haha. Duh! Even though it was going to take seven long hours. Gah!)

I was scared shitless though. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. I imagined the bus to be full of gypsies who would rob me. Turned out there were perhaps 10 passengers in total, and everyone minded their own business. I made friends with one of them. (Of course I did. I love talking to strangers.) He bought me a bottle of water at a stopover. He was nice. He gave me his number, address and FB. He invited me to dinner at his house the next night. I couldn’t make it and tried to contact him via the various sources he provided but couldn’t get through any of them. A pity, really. I hope he knows I didn’t mean to snub him!

IMG_0117I saw these cats during the stopover. They were cute, as cats are, but very unfriendly…as cats are.

IMG_0119Barcelona at last!

I was so relieved and ecstatic to finally reach Barcelona. I was tired of sitting down and I couldn’t wait to meet AX. I wrote about the deep sibling love I felt for AX in this post. What I didn’t mention, is that he’s just as sappy as me and had a song for me, as well! I forgot all about it until a few days ago when I was trawling through our old emails. After he sent me at the airport where I left for Paris, he wrote that he was singing a song without really realising what it was, and when he did realise it, he was shocked, for it was this song! I guess the sibling love was mutual? 🙂

I’m happy to say that we remain in regular contact. I sent a care package to him and he received it two days ago. I got him some Asian snacks and Asian coin pouches for his lovely mum and sister. And he snapped this pic for me of himself and his beautiful mum, whom I miss because she’s so delightful and kind! She really took care of me and made sure I felt at home – she stocked up the pantry full of snacks and told me to help myself; she even lent me her personal Macbook for me to use. And to think that I wasn’t a paying guest, I wasn’t even someone she knew. I love her.

axandmum2Faces censored, of course! Hehe.

I love them. A second trip to Barcelona will happen – just wait!


2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me it’s too late

    1. Barcelona is wonderful. So vibrant and lively. It never sleeps! There’s always something going on on the streets. It’s a bit like New York in that aspect. The food is delicious, the architecture is crazy (hola, Gaudi!), the weather is mild and the people are friendly. Just do it, Jen. Do it while you’re young. It’d be hard to walk on the cobblestone pavements otherwise. 😛

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