The sweet life

Okay, first of all? I made a discovery the other day. Maybe the whole world knows this already. Listen. Frying capsicum off in browned butter turns it caramelly and slightly melty and so, sooo good. Oh my God. Seriously. Usually I just eat it raw or roasted in the oven. Sometimes when I forget, I pan-fry it in olive oil, which is disgusting, but sometimes I forget so I keep doing it. Eep. Never again though. For I will never forget that capsicum + browned butter = heaven. Never. I could just eat it on its own. But I put it in my grilled cheese sandwich, taking my grilled cheese to a whole new level. Oh man. Capsicum and browned butter. NEVER FORGET.

I stayed home today. I had a cold. I know a cold is a small thing and if I didn’t let a proper cough stop me from going to work before, why a cold? Well, this one was particularly bad. I felt like an anvil’s been dropped on my head and it’s still there. How could a common cold, so boring and insignificant and…common, make you feel so terrible? I’m fine now though. I have a headache coming on but I suspect it’s because I’ve been staring at the computer all day and nothing to do with the cold.

So instead of working I watched Ricky Gervais’s new show, Derek. God bless those people who love uploading shows online. My colleague DS told me about it the other day while discussing our shared love for Karl Pilkington. (You would be surprised how often we discuss Karl Pilkington in this office.) I’m not sure about the Derek character. I feel it’s a little bit un-PC. Sure, pretending to be autistic makes for funny tv but it’s not meant to, is it? Karl’s effortlessly brilliant in his first acting role though. Karl is effortlessly brilliant, period.

I responded to some messages on Couchsurfing too. I’ve now got accommodation/company covered in Bologna, Florence/Pisa, Rome and Naples/Pompeii. *happy dance* Not yet for Venice. Soon, I hope! Some of them accepted my personal requests to them, some sent me invitations to stay with them. You see, the thing with CS now is, every time you send a request to a person of your choice, there’s an “about me” section that you have to fill up and that section is made public, so anyone from that city that browses the “host someone” bit can see it. This didn’t exist last year. But now it’s there and you can’t do anything about it. I hate it. It totally creeps me out that people know I’m looking for a host. So I make sure I put something vague, no dates, no itinerary, just my name, where I’m from, and what I’m in Italy for. “To experience la dolce vita for myself” I actually wrote. Haha. But hey, it’s got me some invitations and I checked their profiles – they’ve hosted before and people have left positive references for them. They’re no creepers! So I accepted. Staying at strangers’ apartments is totally normal, right? Haha. Hopefully it will all work out just fine. I’ll actually be in Rome during Holy Week, which, even though I’m far from being Catholic and it’s not my kind of Jesus and all that, is still going to blow my mind for sure. Just a teeny little bit over a month left to go. WOOHOO!


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