Round and around and around and around we go

Question: How many Rihanna songs does it take to change the bedsheets?

Answer: Just one. Albeit played five times. 20 minutes? I don’t usually take that long to change the bedsheets but stopping to sing the long notes – complete with all the contorted facial expressions – slows you down a bit.

I. Am. Obsessed. Riri, why are all your songs so damn catchy?! I want to be like the cool kids and say that the song is terrible and she can’t sing, etc. But the song isn’t terrible, and I think she sings okay! I don’t care for her antics, but some of her songs are really quite nice. (Oh dear…)

You know what else was nice? My weekend. As per usu I made plans then didn’t feel like going through with them. It was raining and staying in bed was much more preferable! Alas tickets had already been bought. I had no choice. Haha. We saw the local stage adaptation of The Crucible. Let me tell ya, the synopsis makes it sound much more interesting than it is! It probably makes me sound lowbrow but I really couldn’t get into it at all. Oi. Afterwards, we talked and talked over food/drinks/shisha (I skipped the last bit – ain’t nobody gonna make me do anything once I’ve decided I won’t!) till late/early. Not once but twice I had to take a cab home this weekend. I am skint and not pleased!

Okay, enough kvetching. On a more positive note, my Italy/Malta trip is coming up in just a little over a month. Yay! Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it. Europe, here I come again!

I wrote to some folks on Couchsurfing today. Yep, I’m bumming off strangers once again. Hopefully my Italian experience will be just as pleasant as my French and Spanish experiences last year. It’s really good when it works, I promise you. Seeing a city through the eyes of a local is much more enriching than depending on guidebooks. Furthermore I’m travelling alone so some company would be much appreciated. In Malta I have a friend, so I’ll be staying with her.

Italians, I need your couch!


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