(Not) Singapore Fried Noodles

Not Singapore fried noodles? Huh? Wha? Yeah. There’s actually no such thing as Singapore fried noodles. I’ve seen it on the menu of several restaurants overseas but the truth is, no such thing exists here. Malays, Chinese and Indians in Singapore all have their own version of fried noodles and they are all absolutely freaking delicious and equally popular. It’s simply not possible to pinpoint one version as the version.

So why did I call this dish Singapore fried noodles then? Oh, I’m just taking the piss here. Heh. Also, if I called it by its real name, it would be Rice Noodles with Shrimp, Capsicum, Sugar Snap Peas and Sweetcorn. Now that would really be taking the piss, wouldn’t it?

Not Singapore Fried Noodles

The key ingredient in any version of fried noodles in Singapore is chilli. The Chinese version would usually not use too much, whereas the Malay and Indian versions use a lot. The Indian version tends to use tomato paste too, but the Malay version is straight up chilli. Being a chilli lover, naturally the Malay version is my favourite. But where popular Malay fried noodles tend to be made with yellow egg noodles, here I used rice noodles…which is decidedly more commonly used in the Chinese version. And the veggies I used are not commonly found in any of the local fried noodles either. But my name is TheFiercestCalm and I do what I want. 🙂


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