Cherry Granola

Since discovering a little over a year ago how easy and delicious homemade granola is, I have made granola almost every other weekend. It’s the only thing I want for breakfast anymore. I love coconut and I love how the recipe unabashedly embraces the coconut.

I have only tried one other variation (and it incorporates coconut too!) but I thought it was time to widen my horizons and try another. Remembering my dried cherries in the fridge, I googled for a granola recipe that calls for cherries. And this recipe from Epicurean Mom caught my eye. And yes, it has coconut in it. Whee!

I used unsweetened coconut flakes and only 1/4 cup of brown sugar. 1/2 cup sugar seemed excessive to my sugar-averse self. And I was right! With less sugar the sweetness is not the first thing that strikes you. This granola is more salty-savoury than sweet, and that is what I call the perfect granola.

I am so looking forward to my breakfast this upcoming week!


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