I’ve fallen for your eyes but they don’t know me yet

I’m loving this song right now. Heard it at the end of Grey’s Anatomy.

Highlight of this weekend:

– An American girl on a trip around SE Asia wrote me on Couchsurfing asking if I could host her. I couldn’t, but I could hang out. So hang out we did. She’s genuinely nice. We got along really well. She is also the first Jewish person I’ve ever (knowingly) met in my life. She’s going to give me her recipe for challah (pronunciation: KHULL-ah) and she said the next time I head stateside I could visit her wherever in the US she might end up. YES.

Lowlights of this weekend:

– Managed to run into a glass door head-on. Was in a rush. Didn’t see it. I thought that only happened on tv. Well, on tv and IN MY LIFE, APPARENTLY. Fuck, did that hurt. I had a lingering headache and was worried I would wind up all Natasha Richardson-like. Watched out for disorientation and nausea like a hawk. The headache eventually lessened into a dull ache in my frontal lobe, and even that’s gone now. All that’s left is a giant swelling on my forehead but it looks like I’ll live.

– Self-checked out a bottle of pasta sauce at the supermarket and hastily put it in the bag on the counter. Seconds later, as I’m scanning the rest of the stuff, the bottle loses its battle with gravity. I swear there was a collective groan coming from everyone around me. Thankfully it didn’t fall on my foot, but I did pay for something that broke even before I left the store.

…my life.


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