Only yesterday was the time of our lives

Well, five days into 2013 and already it’s looking quite shit.

I had a dream about mum so I cried.

My cousin N started primary 1 and I wasn’t there to witness it – being the black sheep of the family and all – so I cried.

And a little piece of news presented to me at 7 in the morning the other day was happy news, but not for me, so…you guessed it – I cried.

My life, I swear. It’s not normal. Too much tragedy, too many tears. Seriously. I just can’t deal with this shit.


2 thoughts on “Only yesterday was the time of our lives

  1. You make me feel less alone in the longterm-grieving department. I seriously freaked out a couple of people in the spice shop yesterday, but when I hear that one song, there’s just no holding back the tears. I needed cocoa, I needed vanilla, and I needed to cry. 8+ years later.

    1. Something people who have never experienced a loss like this don’t realise, is that grief does not end after a specific length of time. It goes away and it comes back and sometimes you can’t shake it off. Sometimes you need a trigger and sometimes you don’t but one thing is constant: you just need to cry.

      Thank you for sharing that with me. You make me less alone too.

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