Breakfast Pizza & Carnival Slaw

I still had half of the pizza dough from last week, so this was another pizza-fueled weekend. Whee!

To make it a well-balanced meal, I whipped up some low-fat coleslaw to serve it with. See? I didn’t forget my vegetables!

They are both Shutterbean recipes.

Breakfast Pizza

I adapted her breakfast pizza recipe by using turkey bacon (of course) and adding baby spinach. I love how it crisps up when cooked. Sadly my egg yolks burst from hitting the edges of the turkey bacon pieces even before going in the oven. It spoils the aesthetics a bit but it ain’t no big thing.

Carnival Slaw

This coleslaw is mayo-free. I have nothing against mayo – tragically, I love mayo a lot. But I was curious about a mayo-free coleslaw. What would coleslaw taste like without mayo? Well, I have one word: SCRUMPTIOUS. You won’t miss mayo at all. And the red onion is absolutely essential – gives it a real kick!

I love being a halfway decent cook. I can eat what I want, when I want. 🙂


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