How to survive your December 24th birthday

Since I am fresh from mine, I feel like it is my duty to offer a protip to those who might be experiencing it right now by writing about my December 24th birthday. Hell, one year from now, lest I dare to dream of having a spectacular day on this day, this will serve as a reminder to myself to DREAM ON!

Expectation, after all, is the root of all heartache. Therefore, keep your expectations low. Very low. Accept that the day of your birth is not as big a whoop outside your head as it is in your head. For the likelihood of your birthday getting lost in the clamour of that widely celebrated holiday that falls on December 25th is remarkably high.

Even the cousin you are close to will not remember. She will tell you, “Omg, is it today or tomorrow? I can never remember whether it’s the 24th or the 25th!”…and she doesn’t partake in the holiday.

Even that friend you consider your “kinda best friend” (years of labelling someone your ‘best friend’ and getting burned by them thereafter have taught you that determining someone as your ‘best friend’ is a jinx)…well, she probably won’t forget, but you won’t be seeing her after work or anything. She has work holiday parties to attend, you know.

Not everyone forgets, of course. Thanks to the reminder feature, there will be lots of people who will wish you happy birthday on that wallspace of yours on the Internets…without which, of course, 95% of them will probably forget. Duh. So all hail the reminder feature, I guess.

There will be texts, private messages, and emails from some who didn’t need any sort of reminder. Wow.

There might also be presents from Guatemala and one still en route from your favourite French person.

But mainly there will be no presents. If you celebrate that gift-giving holiday, you are likely to receive one gift for both that holiday and your birthday. However, if you don’t celebrate that holiday, you will get none. Sorry. You have sucky friends.

Although if you’re lucky, that one friend you’ve got whom you’re not particularly close to but always have fun with when you go out, might take you to a nice restaurant…

…Where unfortunately they can’t/won’t make their fish and chips non-beer battered, making you resort to pumpkin cannelloni that is only so-so. You know you can make better cannelloni and you’ve never made it before.

And that’s how my December 24th birthday went down. Hopefully by reading about my experience, it helps you cope with your own disappointing holiday eve birthday.

Happy Birthday.

P.S. Seriously though, I hope yours was better than mine.


6 thoughts on “How to survive your December 24th birthday

  1. 😦 I’m sorry it was disappointing. My brother Patrick’s birthday is on the 24th too and he’s stopped calling it his birthday because everyone just lumps it in with Christmas.

    1. No, I haven’t used any of the TJ’s stuff to make or bake anything. I’ve definitely had the cookie and nut butters by the spoonful though. Hehe. But I do have something in mind for the almond butter… 🙂

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