Ode to…

I’m taking a break from my busy, busy schedule (haha) for this urgent need to pay homage to my all-time, forever and ever amen favourite singer in the whole of this universe, the one, the only…

Rachael Yamagata.

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 19 21.44Image from rachaelyamagata.com.

As a longtime fan, it is my duty.

In early November she released a NoiseTrade mixtape of acoustic loft recordings, and most recently, an EP called Heavyweight. As usual the songs are wonderfully sad, or in her own words: “cinematic, dark ballads that make you want to drink wine and contemplate sadness”. And thus, I have been soaking up her every word into my skin, as is my wont when it comes to Rachael. Or is it as Rachael’s wont when it comes to me?

Perhaps all her fans think this way, but I genuinely believe that no one gets her like I do. Her lyrics go deep, so deep they reach a point in me I didn’t know existed. She’s not just sad, she’s devastated. And she wallows in it. Let’s just say that for each and every one of my experiences with love – or lack thereof – in the six years since I’ve “known” her, she’s been a loyal friend. No, she doesn’t cheer me up. In fact, she makes me feel worse. But that allows me to really feel. I don’t skip any steps, I don’t pretend it’s not there. And I’m going to cry about it. As such, when I come out the other side, I’d have gone through the entire process at my own pace. Because of that, when I heal, I truly heal.

The first song from Heavyweight that got to me was ‘Has It Happened Yet’. I could not relate to it in that exact moment, but still the lyrics reverberated through me. So much so that I made it my job to write the lyrics out on a lyrics website. What can I say? I’m a dork. I even left a message on her FB wall, which to my utter and pleasant surprise, she replied to a week later.


Yeah, I could not decide on my departure date because I could not risk missing her concert here! Never mind that I have seen her in concert all four times she’s been here. I was not going to miss her fifth jaunt here. First-world problems, eh? Needless to say I wasted no time in purchasing my plane ticket thereafter. And a few days ago, her concert date was confirmed – 2 March 2013 will see Rachael on our shores once more. Yay!

Her loft sessions are full of gems too, although the one that got to me is ‘Play Out’. Full disclosure – I can relate to this one in this very moment. Oh dear, oh dear. So raw, so real. So, so painful. *hits play again*

Rachael Yamagata shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but with every album she further proves her songwriting finesse. I love this girl.


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