Paris, je t’aime


Apparently it is a magnificent day in Paris today. My French correspondent JL was, just 10 minutes ago, passing by the Seine and simply had to stop to take a picture and record an audio message to send to me, gushing about how blue the sky is, how extraordinarily far he could see, how sunny it is despite the 0C temperature. He has never been so happy to live in Paris, he says, and he wanted to share that with me. He was so excited he started to speak to me in French before he stopped himself in time. Hehe. JL rocks my socks.


4 thoughts on “Paris, je t’aime

    1. Oh, you must! Cliché as it may seem, Paris is gorgeous. The city, with its beautiful architecture, is a sight to behold, and I’m a bit of a Francophile, so hearing French being spoken all around me (and not understanding a word of it!) made me inexplicably happy. Haha.

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