This is my time of the year

Every December I put this song on. Because my birthday falls in December, it does feel like December is ‘mine’.

This week was a mad week at work. There’s no other word for it. It was simply quite mad. I have related the story so many times in the last two days that I don’t feel like it anymore. Let’s just say that someone is in deep shit and will get fired pretty soon. And thank fuck, that person is not me! Okay, I’ll say who it is. It’s AA, the new guy who joined in October who said I needed to lose weight. Yeah, that arsehole. Needless to say I am relieved, as his latest boo-boo involved me personally. I never liked the guy, so this is good news for me.

I was given an impromptu performance appraisal yesterday, seven months to the day I joined the company. It was really impromptu – AB asked me in the morning if I would be “free” in the afternoon; he would like to talk to me about my performance at work so far. WHAT??? Thanks for the ample warning, AB! But it was a good thing I guess because otherwise I would have spent ages agonising over it.

Thankfully, and surprisingly, I didn’t really have anything to worry about. Positive on all fronts. In summary, they’re pleased with me, they would like to entrust me with bigger responsibilities and include me more in future projects, they love me. Yaaaaaayyy! I have never been so happy at a job in my life!


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