Cornflakes with Nutella / Like diamonds in the sky

Cornflakes with Nutella. HUH? WHA? HOW? My friend JL will tell you. But before that, a backstory on JL, aka a super belated recap of a portion of the Paris leg of my European trip in March:

As the guy who was hosting me in Paris was not free to hang out much, I wrote to another Couchsurfer to spend a day with me. That’s JL. Seemed nice, had a lot of good references. He was supposed to take me rock climbing but it rained so he took me to the Catacombs instead. He answered all the questions I had (and I had a lot), and he waited for me as I slow-walked/took thousands of pictures. He was such a nice host! Later we (+ his friends) went to the supermarket and we each bought a random food item to eat at his one friend’s place. My contribution was a punnet of strawberries. Heh.

Depth: 19 metres.

I see dead people.

That night he took me to Le Tour Eiffel, where I snapped roughly 60 photos in 12 minutes. No joke. We then had dinner at a Georgian restaurant, of all places/cuisines, where I had something with three kinds of cheese in it, and basically spent the rest of the night in complete agony as my intestines tried to kill me. Still, I persevered. I was in Paris! JL sent me to the doorstep of my host’s place that night. It was 1am when we got home. And he rode a rental bike all the way home, about an hour away. I texted him asking if he got home alright, and he told me recently that he was touched by that gesture – “You cared, even back then.” Yes, I did. I did.

No idea what’s going on here!

JL and I hung out again two weeks later, when I found myself still in Paris when I was supposed to be on the way back to Singapore. You know the whole “flight got cancelled due to the fog in London” story. He took me to Jardin Albert Kahn, a huge, beautiful garden near his apartment. We passed by Le Tour Eiffel in the daytime. We walked forever. He took me to a boulangerie-patisserie near his place where I bought the most delicious mille-feuille I have ever eaten in my life. Then we got about €30 worth of sushi and went back to his apartment and pigged out as we watched Scrubs season 1.

Messing about on the Japanese bridge.

When I got back in Singapore we kept in touch, and at first it was sporadic, once every few days. Then I don’t know at which point that we started texting each other every single day without fail (thank you, Whatsapp!). We talk on the phone once in a while too (thank you, Viber!). He’s really funny, and we’ve learned a lot about each other. But no, it’s not like that. Not at all. We’re just good friends who have only spent two full days with one another. No big deal. Although we are planning on fixing that next year… oooooh. Story for another day. 🙂

So now that that’s out of the way and I’ve talked a bit about who JL is,  here’s a step-by-step guide by JL, for making Cornflakes with Nutella. One of the things we like to text each other about is the food we’re eating, see.

I’m sure it tastes incredible. But I’m too scared to try as I might like it too much!

Regardless, happy to have JL in my life. Even if only virtually. Clearly, choosing to send him a message on CS was a clever, clever move!


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