Food, lately – part deux

From left:

Apple-Almond Sticky Buns from Shutterbean
Made this for a friend’s party. It didn’t quite turn out bun-like. My dough was sooo sticky! I followed the recipe to a tee so I have no idea what happened there. I ended up cutting the dough into slices all pizza-like and stacked them up in the pan. It baked up beautifully and everyone was none the wiser. But I am not satisfied. These buns will be tackled again at some point. I used almonds because they were what I had, and I reduced the ingredients for the sauce by half. Looking at the amount of sauce in that picture on her site made my teeth hurt!

Cocoa Almond Granola from the Joy the Baker Cookbook courtesy of Domestocrat
I followed Domestocrat’s adaptation – only 1/3 (brown) sugar and upped the amount of cocoa powder like she did. Absolutely scrumptious. I enjoyed it over yoghurt every day for breakfast this week.

Caramelised Mushrooms and Dumplings from Joy the Baker
Took a bit of prep work but it was worth it. My only grievance is that this was rather expensive to make. Mushrooms are pricey here and this recipe calls for a lot. But that’s my fault for living in a country where every single thing is imported.

Chocolate Croissants from Joy the Baker
Made the first batch with dark chocolate and sea salt but when I tasted it, felt it was a bit of an acquired taste and probably would not be appreciated by the masses. So second batch onwards I used semi-sweet chocolate chips sans sea salt. They were gone in 10 minutes flat.

Melt-in-Yo-Mouth Buttermilk Chocolate Cookies from Baking Bites
Made these for a friend on her birthday. I didn’t realise this made chewy cookies; I’m personally not a fan of chewy cookies. But they did taste really amazing and so chocolatey!


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