I love my job – reason #3

Funny things my colleagues have said or done recently:


DS: *lets one rip*
Everyone: Dammit!
Me: For God’s sake! Am I one of the boys now? You guys are just going to fart in front of me now?
AB: Yes, of course you are one of the boys. You have never not been one of us.
Me: No, I’m not! I don’t burp and fart in front of you! And I most certainly do not leave the toilet seat up!
AB: Well, you knew us before you joined us, yet you still signed up for this shit. So, tough.


AM, my director’s thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey:

“Everyone’s reading it on the tube (in London) and I’m just standing there thinking, ‘You dirty cow’.”


AM’s thoughts on a particularly difficult client:

“He’s just one of life’s arseholes.”


Listening to local radio, which sucks.

AM: You could do a much better job on the radio than this bird, TFC. She’s annoying and her fake American accent is doing my head in.
DS: Could you imagine waking up to her though? (puts on a monotone voice, which according to the boys is what I sound like in the morning) Hey. Mornin’. Let’s listen to Rachael Yamaguchi.
Me: It’s Yamagata!
AB: I might commit suicide.


I opened up the Homefries website and walked away from my computer. When I came back, this what I found, courtesy of DS:

I love my colleagues!


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