Wish you were here

Minutes after midnight. Still awake. In fact, just finished my dinner and, would you believe it, a movie. I haven’t watched a movie in a looooooong time. Forget the cinema. I haven’t been to the cinema since February. I mean even pirated movies on the Internet. I try and I try and I always end up distracted. I simply do not possess the attention span for movies. I still was distracted watching this one, because I was packing, but the difference is I finished it on the same day. Riveting?

You bet. It’s an Australian film called Wish You Were Here. It’s about four people who go on holiday in Cambodia (ha!) but only three come back. That’s not a spoiler. It’s in the synopsis. Amid the aftermath of the tragedy, it explores the how and the why. The story is told in bits and pieces but it is not boring. There is a lot of dialogue, which I love. The acting, I felt, was brilliant. The kids even. They looked like a real family. One thing I’ll say is drugs and alcohol are bad for you and I hope I will never be compelled to touch that stuff. They just do more harm than good.

I’m almost done packing. Just need to iron one pair of pants, roll it up, stuff it into my backpack, and then I’ll be done. Probably shouldn’t bother ironing it since I’m going to roll it up and it’ll just end up creased, but eh. I’m quite organised this time around. I wrote a checklist and everything. Hopefully I didn’t forget to add anything to the checklist! Oh well, as I said to S, it’s okay to forget something as long as it’s not your passport. That’s the most vital and mine is ensconced very nicely in my carry-on. I love my passport. It’s my gateway to happiness.

My flight leaves at 6:30am, which means I gotta get to the airport by 5, leave the house by 4:30, wake up at 3…which means I best get going. Write again when I get back.


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