Chocolate Coconut Almond Scones

I’ve made these scones eight times, maybe nine? When I find something I like, I stick to it. This recipe is solid. Chocolate? Check. Coconut? Check. Almonds? Check. I’ve never used actual buttermilk as buttermilk is expensive in these parts, and because not a lot of food I make call for it, it’s guaranteed to go bad before I can finish it. So I always make my own buttermilk by using cow’s milk mixed with lemon juice.

These days though, I’ve sworn off of cow’s milk because I’m a hippie because of all the hormones. Now, I drink anything but cow’s milk (and soy milk, cuz that’s nasty too). I’m currently very much into quinoa milk. It’s an acquired taste, quinoa milk; there’s a lingering mustiness. I was nervous to use it for these scones, but like I said I didn’t have any other type of milk. I was totally prepared for it to ruin the scones beyond belief.

To my utter and pleasant surprise, my scones turned out more delicious than ever. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly. I know they’re less sweet because quinoa milk is not very sweet…but they’re somehow creamier than if made with cow’s milk? Is that even possible? The dough is softer, but less crumbly. And most importantly, the mustiness of quinoa milk is completely undetectable. Yay! I’m going to bring some for the boys tomorrow.

Adapted from – who else? – but the iridescent, most wonderful Joy the Baker.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Almond Scones

  1. Oh good Lordy! I’m so glad I just noticed you’re writing on here! I’m going to be reading all the way back to see what you’ve been up to, and to make some of the delicious looking stuff you’ve made. Wooo! I so missed reading your blog!

    (apologies for the excess of exclamation marks).

      1. A year! That makes it even more shocking that I didn’t notice.
        I stopped having anything to say so I stopped blogging, and it really didn’t feel thr same as it did at Vox. I’m sure I’ll come back to it when I think of something to say :o) In the meantime I’ll keep reading you!

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