Pasta, two ways

First, a recipe adapted from The Pioneer Woman. Really though, my only adaptations were to one-eighth the recipe, use much less butter, and add some chopped garlic. I served it with pan-seared scallops. Very fresh-tasting. Yummy.

Second, a dish loosely based on a recipe from here, minus the red wine and fancypants mushrooms and cheese. Fresh white button mushrooms do the job just fine. It benefited from the addition of red capsicum, bird’s eye chilli, and lemon zest. So simple and sooo good.

The great thing about cooking your own food is being able to tailor flavours exactly to your liking.


2 thoughts on “Pasta, two ways

  1. Both of those look delicious!

    The pioneer woman uses so much fat. Heavy cream & butter, oh my. And she always says not to skimp or substitute, but you know what? I’m a rebel too! I usually use fat free half & half and I alllllways try to use less butter. (Sometimes I use either “light” butter or cut it with some olive oil.)

    PS: Adding garlic makes many many things better.

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