I love my job – reason #2

18th Ramadan

We heckle each other like craaaazy. And we get away with it.

AB was feeling unwell this morning and his face was paler than usual. Honestly, he looked like he was on the brink of collapse.

Me: You look like shite.
AB: Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Me: Ahaha! I just told the general manager that he looks like shite.
AB: You’re lucky I do feel like shite, otherwise you’d be in trouble.

I am sooo spoilt. I could never work with uptight, unsmiling, eye-contact-avoiding, non-pleasantry offering, pretending not to see you running for the lift and letting the doors close instead of pressing “door open” Singaporeans anymore. Not only do I breathe easier in this environment – I thrive. I truly, genuinely, 100% enjoy it. And because of that, I give more of myself than is asked of me. Willingly. Also: boys all the way now, forever ever. Boys are always jesting. They laugh so much more than girls. And they forgive, very quickly.

For the umpteenth time, I am very happy here.


3 thoughts on “I love my job – reason #2

  1. I’m really happy you’re happy! It gives me some vague feeling of hope that someday I might be happy at work too!

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