The one that got away

17th Ramadan

Three things, very quickly. I’m dying to watch Breaking Bad.

1. Is downward dogging the best yoga/pilates move, or what? If you don’t have a lot of time to spare for a proper yoga/pilates session but your back needs stretching, downward dog it up. I swear two minutes is all you need to feel like the young person that you are again. I might have overstretched my back a bit tonight. It felt a little too good!

2. Schadenfreude is delicious. Like German chocolate cake. Like peach pie. Like tres leches. I was unexpectedly served a slice at 5:30 this morning, along with my pre-dawn meal, and it kept me full the That’s right. Fuck with me and the universe will fuck with you.

3. When my request for leave gets approved (when, not if, because AB loves me and wants me to be happy), I am going to Cambodia in October. Yahooooo!


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