I wanna shut down the club with you

13th Ramadan

Man, seriously? 13th Ramadan already? Although it’s way past sundown now so it’s technically the 14th of Ramadan now. Fast. Fast, fast, fast. I swear Ramadan always moves too damn fast. I don’t want to talk about how I haven’t been good this Ramadan, squandering it as usual. I don’t want to talk about it.

What I do want to talk about…is my current favourite song.

Oh, it’s a few months old? Don’t care. Just heard it. Sue me. I don’t like what it’s about, but I like Sia and it’s Sia’s bit that’s catchy. Also: the skydiving bit of the video is making me want to go skydiving again. Not that I haven’t been thinking about skydiving/base jumping for about three weeks now…

This was my favourite song yesterday.

…Yes, Rihanna. Again, catchy as all hell. I listen to Jango at work and over the last year Jango has exposed me to a lot of music I probably never would’ve heard, because I’m lazy about discovering new music and/or I’m a music snob and would not listen to the current hits and/or am perfectly content listening to Rachael Yamagata over and over. So look at my musical horizons expanding!

Today at work I called someone on the phone a wanker and the boys started harassing me about how I had nullified my fast and that I should go on and stuff my face. You see, I taught them that one is not supposed to swear while fasting or the fast is negated. Shouldn’t have told them that!

Yesterday we had a new guy join the company and I was the one who set up his computer. I knew that him being a dude, he probably wouldn’t bother putting a nice picture as his desktop wallpaper, and even though it’s not my computer it really bothers me to see a black background where ideally a cute picture should be. So what I did was I found a picture of – what else? – a cake and set that as his wallpaper. AB saw that, threw me a faux dirty look, and quipped, “You can change that, by the way. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with cake.” I thought that was the funniest thing in the world and cackled for about thirty seconds straight.

Yeah, I love my job and my colleagues. Ad nauseam.

Last but not least, a sneak peek of my most favourite thing to put in my mouth right now. I just found the recipe last weekend and have made it…oh, only four times. Hehehe. I will talk about it sooooon.

Bonne nuit!


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