Blame it on my ADD, baby

Whenever AM’s around, we wind up watching at least five Youtube videos a day. Seriously. There’s always something he wants to show us. Today, I can’t remember what we were talking about but he put this video on.

Now, is that the best video to this song/the best song for this video, or what? I can’t decide which is which. All I know is I can’t stop playing it and concurrently dismissing a sudden urge to attempt base jumping. But base jumping is not for “attempting”, is it? Base jumping is for doing. And unlike skydiving, is not for amateurs. Gah. Maybe I’ll just go for this instead, just to quell that desire to jump/fly.

Also, on my way out of the office, I wished him a safe flight back to London tonight, to which he said, “Thank you, and thanks for everything.” *gulp* He’s thanking me? “No, AM, thank you,” I muttered before scampering out. I did not want him to see me cry! Man, if only he knew.


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