I love my job – reason #1

We have sidesplitting conversations all day long. They’re rarely profound, but they make us laugh and that’s all that matters. The following is just one of the many hilarious conversations that were had at work today.

DS has just returned to the office after being in the bathroom for a half hour.

Me: Did you fall asleep in the toilet?
DS: No. It just got a bit messy in there…
Me: Ahhhhhhhhhh!
AM (boss): For fuck’s sake, D!
DS: You asked! Next time if you’re not prepared for the answer, don’t ask!
AM: Yeah, but you didn’t have to go into detail!
DS: What? That’s just the result of holding it in since 9 o’clock.
Me: Ahhhhhhhhhh!
AM: Fuckin hell.


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