You need a reason to smile

May I just say that the original Bostik brand of Blu-Tack is totally and absolutely worth the extra dollar over some cheaper imitation? I bought one of a cheaper brand that came with a free marker. The marker is surprisingly good (because how often is free stuff actually good?) but the Blu-Tack is utter shite. I hung some metal signs that I bought in Europe on my wardrobe door and even within the first few seconds they were already threatening to fall off. But I made it a point to thump on them every day (…I know) and they stayed put a little. Until one day when no amount of thumping could help them. Fortunately they didn’t fall directly on to the floor (or my head) but on a pile of clothing I had just changed out of. It would have greatly upset me if they had gotten damaged as I painstakingly cradled them like babies in my carry-on into and out of various trains and planes. After weeks of them taking refuge underneath my bed due to my procrastination/forgetfulness, I eventually purchased a $2.90 pack of Bostik Blu-Tack and put them up. One week later and THEY’RE STILL THERE without the aid of any added thumping. Life tip #98: Buy original Blu-Tack.

I have serious doubts but these two are supposedly real signs nicked from the streets of Barcelona. Hey, whatever. They’re rad.

Actually a placemat depicting the map of the Paris metro. The stations Phillipe Auguste and Porte de St-Cloud are near and dear to my heart.

And just for the heck of it, a metal sign bought in Perth, Australia, that’s been there since 2009, thanks to original Blu-Tack! Should have known!

Now that’s that out of the way, I didn’t go to work today. No, no, no, it wasn’t like that. I didn’t play hooky. It was a necessary day off. I was suffering from The Worst Cramps Ever. I don’t typically get cramps, and bad cramps are even rarer, but lemme tell ya, when I do get bad cramps, they’re Bad. And today was the worst I’ve had in ages. I was woken up at 5am from the pain, which didn’t subside until 10am. Yeah, that’s five hours of curling up in a foetal position and begging my prostaglandins to please take it easy. I’ve never let menstrual cramps stop me from performing my activities of daily living – slow down, maybe, but not come to a halt like that. This one truly left me incapacitated. Sheesh! I wasn’t completely useless though. I managed to get some work done – in between watching season 4 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, of course. Heh.

My colleague DS introduced me to a new band recently, as he does every so often. The first song I heard was the current radio hit (apparently, as I don’t listen to the radio) ‘We Are Young’. It was even sung on Glee. How was I to know that? I fast forwarded through the episodes this past season, just to keep abreast of the key points. Glee sucks anymore. Nothing amazing but definitely a fun tune. I downloaded the entire album and what strikes me as peculiar is that the singer sings about his parents a lot. There’s a song where he says he talks to his mum, another where he loves his dad, another where misses his mum, and another where he misses both his parents. I don’t mind it in one song. One song would be cute but about eight out of 11 songs mentioning his parents is a little odd and borderline creepy. It’s an okay album. It’s fluff, but it’s catchy and that’s good enough, I guess. I’d rather listen to them than Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj. That said, my favourite song on the album is probably the fluffiest of all. It sounds like something Backstreet Boys would sing. Haha!


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