Down by the riverside

Knackered, but happy. Prior to joining this company, the days when I could make that statement at the end of the work day were few and far between. Now? I can say it every day and I do. I’m not even joking. Since I joined the workforce six years ago, I had never been able to declare elation at the end of a work day. I would complain, I would cry, I would play hooky, and I would eventually quit. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is very novel to me and I’ll say it every day if I want to. Work can make you happy – who knew? I’ve found my company, I’ve found my people. This is it.

Another reason to be in high spirits: I think we might have found our new office. We’ve seen over 15 units since we started searching for a new office last month and even came close to signing for one but it fell through and we were really disappointed and discouraged. But that didn’t work out so this could. Perfect office in a perfect location. You can see the skyline and it’s facing the river. So it’s not the Seine but it’s all right. It’s even got a balcony. My boss AM will go nuts over that balcony. He’s always wanted a balcony. One more viewing with AB tomorrow (who didn’t get to see it today) and if he likes it, he’s going to make an offer by the end of the day. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. I don’t even have to change train lines – bonus!


4 thoughts on “Down by the riverside

  1. So happy to hear you’re finally in a job you’re really enjoying! I’ve never heard you say anything to suggest this in any job you’ve had before. (And that’s what… 5-6 years worth of jobs?)

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