Catching up on I Wrote This For You today, the following photo from this post reminded me of my own photo.

From I Wrote This For You.

By moi.

See the similarity? Both photos have a reflection of the camera lens in them. Of course mine isn’t anywhere near as good. You could even see a reflection of my bag buckle. But apart from that blemish, it’s all right, innit? Using Brit-speak here, as a) that photo was taken on the train on the way to Bath, UK, and b) I’ve been influenced by the boys at work anyway.

England was not part of my original itinerary at all. I only decided to go to the UK after my flight home from Paris – which included a layover at Heathrow – got cancelled due to bad fog in London. I ended up enjoying every moment of England. I stayed in the hall of Oxford (frikkin) University with Amelia, an online friend from Malaysia whom I’ve known for eight years, and took day trips to London, Bath, and Stratford-upon-Avon – the birth (and death) place of Shakespeare. I woke up with no voice that morning before going to Bath. I’d been sick since I stepped off the plane in Paris two and a half weeks before, and in the UK was where my larynx decided it was finally done. Still, oodles of fun were had, especially since I spoke the same language as everyone else. You would appreciate it too if you’d just spent the last two weeks communicating with folks in your non-existent French and Spanish!

It’s been three months now since I got back, and I’m nowhere close to writing the travelogue of my epic trip to Europe. I start and I stop, I start and I stop. I don’t know if I’m ever going to finish, to be honest. I feel like no one cares about it now except me (and understandably so, as it was too long ago), and since I know everything already, there’s no need to write about it? Ha!


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